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Personal Development and Parenting – Why a Daughter Needs Her Dad to Develop Self Esteem and Self Worth

Daughters need their dads.  In this article, I will expound on one of the many reasons why.

A 12-Year-Old’s Need for a Boyfriend

I was talking to a 12-year-old middle school girl.  She mentioned that she had a “boyfriend.”  I was shocked.  I asked her, “What do you need a boyfriend for?  How do you plan to use him?”  “I don’t know.  Not for kissing or hugging or anything like that,” she blushed.

“Then for what?” I insisted.

“To protect me” was her answer.

“Don’t you have a family to protect you?” I then asked.

“My dad left, and I haven’t seen him for a month.”

There you have it!  This little girl was looking for a father-figure-protector substitute.

What This 12-Year-Old Didn’t Understand About Boys

This 12-year-old, who watched all of the Disney princess-prince charming movies when she was little, had a fantasy-picture of what teen-boys are like instead of understanding how they are really wired.

My Explanation to Her of How Teen-Boys Think

I went on to explain to her that pubescent boys are “hummingbirds.”  “What do you mean?” she asked with a frown of confusion.  “What do hummingbirds do in a garden?”  “They fly backwards?” was her reply.  “Yes, that’s true, but look a little closer and you will see that their main activity is to go from flower-to-flower, tasting one, then quickly going to another while trying to taste as many varieties of flowers that they can.”

“Ah, when you put it like that, I see what you mean, Mr. Prosper.  Boys are dumb-asses.”

“Right!  You got it.  They are dumb-ass hummingbirds.”

“Thank you, Mr. Prosper.”

“You’re welcome, sweetheart.”


Charles I. Prosper

Transformational Life Coach

Quote for Today’s Post:

“If it was illegal to hug–nobody would be happy.” — Luzemily Prosper (spoken at 10-years-old) 

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