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Personal Development – 3 Things to Avoid and 3 Things to Do with a New Business Idea


Do you know the 3 things to avoid and the 3 things to do when you have a new business idea?  In this article, you will discover what to do and not to do to guarantee your chances of success.

The 3 Things to Avoid When You Have A New Business Idea

Thing to Avoid #1 – Ask Too Many People for Opinions 

This is one of the biggest mistakes to make when you are first inspired by a new entrepreneurial idea. The problem with asking too many people for opinions is that tacitly you are convincing yourself that you do not yet believe in yourself, and by asking for opinions, you are seeking approval.

Most people will not be qualified enough to tell you what to do.  Others may purposely mislead you either because they are jealous of your insight, or perhaps they would like to act on it before you do.

Thing to Avoid #2 – Immediately Tell All of Your Friends and Relatives 

Immediately telling all of your relatives is akin to asking for an opinion.  The only reason that you tell anyone is that you want to hear “how wonderful” your idea is.  The problem is that some will approve and others will criticize either out of ignorance or indifference.  And nothing is more deflating than disapproval from those we love most.  (And yes, this sometimes include husbands or wives.)

Thing to Avoid #3 – Over-Plan and Over-Analyze 

Thinking too much about something that you should start creates doubt, anxiety, and fear.  You cannot know anything before experiencing.  This is called the “paralysis of analysis.”

The 3 Things to Do When You Have A New Business Idea

Thing to Do #1 – Keep It to Yourself for the Time Being

There is a spiritual principle in remaining silent in the initial stages of your inspiration.  When you talk about it, you talk all of the “spiritual energy” out of your system.  When you are quiet your are able to contain this energy within, which will propel you forward with decision and determination.

Thing to Do #2 – Consult with the Experts, but Don’t Pray to Them

What I mean by this is that you may consult with professionals who know certain aspects of your idea that you need to understand, but always trust your intuition as you listen to them.

Thing to Do #3 – Make an Initial Plan, Then Take Fast and Decisive Action

You of course do need an initial plan, but a plan is not fixed.  It is practically a living and breathing entity, which expands and contracts as you gain more and more experience.

Quote of Today’s Post: “If you are not making at least 50 mistakes a day, you are not trying hard enough.” ~ Anonymous

All the best,

Charles I. Prosper

(Transformational Life Coach)