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Relationship Tips and Personal Growth – 5 Things Women Don’t Know About Men – And Need to Know Now (It’s All Here)


There are 5 things that most women don’t know about men.  And it is about time that they did.  In this article, I will expose for all who would care to know, the 5 things that most women do not know or understand about men.  Hold on to your seats.

The 5 Things That Most Women Don’t Know About Men — But Should!

Male Thing # 1 – All Men (Yours Included) Look At Beautiful Women — Then They Forget Within Seconds

This is one that appears hard for some women to believe or accept.  All “normal,” healthy hetereo-sexual men will look at, admire,and momentarily have a two-second sexual fantasy about all beautiful and sexy women that they happen to see walking the street.

The part that confuses and beguiles most women is that men will literally forget completely about whomever it is that they saw–within seconds – and this women will most likely never come back into their minds again.

My point is  (and I am talking to the men here) if you are going to look, as you must, at least be a little discreet, i.e., wear dark glasses 🙂  It’s called showing respect for whom you are with.

Male Thing # 2 – Men Have an Enormous Capacity to Have Sex without Love

Before I explain this one, let me make a disclaimer.  I am not promoting promiscuity or in favor of infidelity. However, with that said, men have this “mating” capacity because we are genetically wired throughout eons of evolutionary psychology to reproduce if or whenever the human species might be in danger of continued survival.

The advice here is that it is a good thing to make him wait, long enough for emotional bonding to develop, in order to accompany and make the sexual experience more meaningful.

Male Thing # 3 – Men Will Fantasize or Think about Cheating – But Only Some Will Act It Out

I saw a show on “Oprah” once, where a very attractive woman, acting as a flirt would walk up to married men waiting in the street, strike up a conversation, and offer her phone number.

Most of the men took the phone number, but the conclusion made by this experiment, in my opinion, was flawed and fallacious.  Just because a man takes the phone number is not proof or a guaranteed indication that he is interested and intends to call.  Many men will take the phone number, just to feel that they are still attractive, to only throw the phone number away later.

Male Thing # 4 – When Most Men First Date a Woman, His Foremost Thought Is How Soon You Will Go to Bed with You

Again, this is how men are genetically wired as the male counterpart of the male/female interplay.  He is thinking about it when he is laughing at your corny jokes at dinner.  He is thinking about it when you are walking to the car after the movie.  He is thinking about it right after the two of you get off of the ferris wheel.

But here’s the  good news.  Men have learned to wait.  If the prize is truly great in their eyes, they will wait — to a point — then some will lose interest and move on assuming that you are just “not into him.”

Male Thing # 5 – Men Don’t Want to Shop With You — But Most Will Grin and Bear It

Let’s make something clear.  For women, shopping is a process, an art form, if you wish.  For men, it is a plan, a goal, and a purchase.  So ladies, if you see a tortured look on his face after two hours of shopping, give the poor guy a break.  Ask him to meet you outside of Macy’s, or wherever, at such-a-such time.  He will thank you and love you for it.

Quote of Today’s Post – “Women were placed on Earth for a man to earn his right to go to heaven.” ~ Charles I. Prosper

All the best,

Charles I. Prosper

(Transformational Life Coach)