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Personal Development Tips – The Top 5 Benefits of Listening When You Are Angry


Do you know the top 5 benefits of listening to your loved one when you are angry? And once an argument has ensued, what is probably the last thing that either you or the other person wants to do for the other?  In a word, it is to listen.  Listening in today’s fast-paced world of immediate results and instant gratification has rapidly become a lost art.  In this article,I intend to reintroduce to you the lost art for better communication and a better relationship.  Here are the 5 benefits of listening when you are angry:

Benefit # 1 – You Get the Chance to Calm Down  One of the most immediate and obvious reasons to listen when you are angry is that it gives you the chance to calm down.  Until and unless you calm down, not possible outcome can possibly happen.

Benefit # 2 – You Can Hear Your The Other’s Point of View Better – Much of what happens during an argument is a misunderstanding of what you are disagreeing about.  To understand another’s point of view is the same as forgiving the person because they are not in total agreement with you.

Benefit # 3 – The Other Person Will Begin to Calm Down and Become Willing to Listen to You – Getting a person to listen to you through anger and argument is such a counterproductive approach.  Once someone sees that you are listening and are calming down, the chances are that they will follow your lead and begin to listen to you as well.

Benefit # 4 – You Train Yourself to Have More Emotional Control Over Your Thoughts – Learning to listen takes a committed decision and the willingness to mentally focus on the other person with detachment.  At once, listening becomes a type of meditation because it trains your mind to calm down and to focus which results in the immediate benefit of the developing more control over your thoughts and emotions.

Benefit # 5 – You Stand a 95% Better Chance of Peacefully Resolving the Conflict – The bottom line of making the decision, seeing its importance, and listening instead of arguing your point is that you are much more likely to peacefully resolve the conflict instead of prolonging it.  Listening answers the question, “Do I want to be ‘right,’ or do I want the result?”

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