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Personal Growth and Relationship Advice – The One Secret to Guaranteed Family Relationship Happiness


I can give you the one secret which will guarantee relationship happiness with your family forever. Sounds incredible?  Maybe, but the secret is so disarmingly simple.  Realize this secret now, and enjoy its benefits from now on.

If your wife, son, or daughter were diagnosed with a seriously terminal illness, and was given only 6 months to live, how do you think you would you see them?  I think that you would see them as they truly are, as the most important persons on Earth to you. You would overlook all of their little quirks and petty annoyances.

The little things that previously might have irritated you suddenly would seem insignificantly silly. Considering the possibility of not having them, you suddenly you see the big picture.

What is the Big Picture?

The big picture is that minor imperfections are really not that important at all. To change the course of a terminal illness, you would not care how many imperfections that they’d have. Serious illness or impending death is life’s great wake-up call.

The message that comes through, whenever these things happen is a simple one, “Be grateful for what you have and who you have in your life!”

Being Grateful is the Absolute Guaranteed Path to Perfect Relationship Happiness

When your family is with you, do you spend quality-time with them as much as you can? Or do you crowd your days and nights with too much “busy” stuff, answering emails, taking your work home, or making endless calls to clients?

No one ever on their death-bed has ever complained about not having had enough time to spend in the office. Alas, the one great regret that people have with their last breath is a singular one — they all regret not having spent enough time with the people that they love. If they could do it all over again, is the thought, they would have spent more time.

For them, it’s too late.  For you, there’s still time.

Be Grateful for Your Family — And Be Sure to Tell Them So!

Stop and think right now how fortunate you are. I suggest you take at least 5 minutes every day to contemplate and appreciate the miracle of love in your life.

Gratitude is its own reward. Be grateful that you can be the giver and the receiver of love. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Forgive their imperfections, and keep loving them.

Love them, and be with them all you can. One day your children will leave you and start a family of their own.

Loving her means telling them, all of them, how important they are right now and expressing how grateful you are to have them. Don’t just feel it, tell them how you feel. Don’t keep it a secret. Tell each of them exactly how lucky you are for having them in your life.

Sincerely yours,

Charles I. Prosper

Quote for Today’s Post:

“You don’t realize the value of something until you lose it.”  ­­– Charles I. Prosper