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Personal Development and Self Improvement – The Key Reasons You Fail when You “Try” to Be Successful

I was coaching a lady once on how to become more successful with her proposed endeavors.  What she said to me was very interesting and revealing.  She said, “Charles, I have spent more than 30 years trying to achieve success, and I am still trying.  I have come across insurmountable obstacles that have held me back, but I continue to pursue my big money goals.”

I saw a lot wrong with this statement.  Were you able to notice what I saw after she finished her explanation.  I extrapolated and understood was she was really saying from her choice of words and the way that she said it.

Trying vs. Committing (There is a Difference!)

The operative word of her statement is that she had spent more than 30 years “trying” to succeed.  There is a big difference between trying something and committing to something.  When you try, you make generous allowances for quitting when obstacles or difficulties arise.  When you commit, quit is not an option.

It is possible to try many different things for 30 years, jumping from one thing to the next without staying with any one long enough for it to bear fruit, but it is rare to see anyone committed to any one thing for 30 years and not see extraordinary success.

The Hummingbird

I suspect that this person was a “hummingbird.”  What I mean by this is that, like a hummingbird in a garden, from one interest to another, she jumped and tasted one endeavor and then the next, at every major or minor setback, without staying long enough with any one idea to see any significant results.  By contrast, the woodpecker continues drilling into the bark of the tree until it reaches its objective, the worm.

At What Point Does an Obstacle Become Insurmountable?

And is any obstacle insurmountable, or is this just a belief system?  An obstacle becomes “insurmountable” in the moment that one gives up.  To climb a mountain, you must continue the climb.


Charles I. Prosper

Transformational Life Coach

Quote for Today’s Post:

“Trying provides two excuses: an excuse for not Doing, and an excuse for not Having.” — Anonymous 

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Personal Development and Self Improvement – The 5 Possible Pitfalls to Success of Being Multi-Talented

We call all agree that being talented is a major factor to achieving success.  However, being multi-talented and highly intelligent paradoxically can be an obstacle to achieving outstanding results.  This is a strange and somewhat counter-intuitive thought to ponder.

If talent and intelligence were a guarantee to success, we would not know so many people in our own life who are not.  What’s even more frustrating is when we see people of very average intelligence and talent become overwhelming successful.  Why?

In this article, I will explain 5 reasons how being multi-talented, and not understanding what else is necessary, can indeed be an obstacle to success.

The 5 Possible Pitfalls to Success of Being Multi-Talented:

Possible Pitfall # 1 – The Talented Can Easily Become a “Hummingbird.”

A multi-talented person is someone who is able to do many different things exceptionally well.  In the field of business or career, these different things can be compatible with each other or totally opposite.  For example, a computer programmer who is also a soprano opera singer may find it difficult doing both in the same place and time.

Many multi-talented people fall into the danger of becoming a hummingbird.  What does a hummingbird do in a garden?  It quickly goes from flower to flower in rapid succession.  This non-committal practice is counterproductive to discovering and perfecting the ONE thing that our life is about.

Your focus is your future.

Possible Pitfall # 2 – Many Intelligent People Can Easily Explain Why Something Won’t Work

The talented, because of their creativity and intelligence, can give more reasons why something won’t work than one who hasn’t filled his or head with all of the “facts” and “expert opinions.”  People who succeed have no idea that they can’t.

Possible Pitfall # 3 – One Can Become a “Perfectionist” – a Recipe for Failure

A perfectionist is a person who is motivated by fear – a fear that something can or will go wrong.  Success is predicated on making lots of mistakes or seeing things that go wrong.  It can be said that to the degree that one can quickly “fail,” learn, and correct what was wrong, can he or she progress more quickly to their objective.

Possible Pitfall # 4 – Bright People Tend to Over-Analyze and Think Too Much

This is a syndrome of the tendency to be the perfectionist which expresses itself as the “paralysis of analysis.”

Possible Pitfall # 5 – Smart People Tend to Read, Study, Get Ready, and Prepare Way Too Much

I met a very bright young lady who majored in business administration in college because she wanted to start her own business.  I commented that though this goal is admirable, if she wanted to start her business, she didn’t necessary have to get a degree in business administration.  Later I heard that she finished college, and then went to graduate school to be a master’s in business administration.  I asked her, “When are you planning to start your business?”  Her reply was, “As soon as I get my PhD.”

I took the time to express these 5 pitfalls because, for a long time, I was guilty of several of them.  I know now that all that is required for success is an idea, faith in oneself, an initial plan, and then the willingness to do whatever it takes, right now exactly where you are with what you have – and then persist undeterred through all obstacles, no matter what, until you finally reach your goal and succeed.


Charles I. Prosper

Transformational Life Coach

Quote for Today’s Post:

“If you don’t have what you want, you are not committed to it 100%.” — Anonymous 

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Personal Development and Self Improvement – The 5 Signs that Tell You that You Have Made the Right Decision

How do you know when you have made the right choice or that you are now on the right path. Maybe your decision involves who you plan to marry, or maybe it concerns a new career choice or business enterprise.  Whatever the decision presented before you, there are 5 sure signs that you let you know, without a shadow of doubt, that you are doing the right thing.

In this article, I will share with you what these 5 sure-signs are and how you can employ them to lead a more peaceful, productive, and satisfying life.

The 5 Signs that Tell You that You Have Made the Right Decision:

Sure Sign of Right Choice # 1 – You Feel at Peace with Your Decision

The first and foremost sign that you are doing the right thing and that you are on the right path is a feeling of peace.  When you are making a wrong choice or one that will inevitably complicate your life, you will feel just the opposite.  You will feel stress, doubt, and tension.

Sure Sign of Right Choice # 2 – Things Get Better and Better

The next sign to look for is, whatever you are doing, things tend to get better and better, easier and easier, doors open, and opportunities arise. You can rest assured that you are on the right path.  Life is speaking to you.

To the contrary, when you are on the wrong path, things tend to become more and more complicated. You always feel as though you are forcing yourself through obstacle after obstacle, and every step along the way, the situation becomes worse and worse.  Life again is speaking to you.

Sure Sign of Right Choice # 3 – You Are Engaging Your Natural Talents and Abilities

This particularly refers to when the decision you are making has to do with a business or career choice.  You can’t go wrong as long as you are doing what comes easy and natural with you.

Sure Sign of Right Choice # 4 – You Don’t Have to Over-Think or Over-Analyze

Doubt and anxiety triggers the need to over-think and over-analyze a situation.  In most cases, we call this rationalization.  On some level, you already know it’s not right for you, otherwise you wouldn’t have to think and rethink on it so much.  There is no excessive-obsessive thinking involved when you are intuitively doing what is good for you.

Sure Sign of Right Choice # 5 – You Sleep Well at Night

When it is the right choice, you don’t keep yourself awake at night, pondering and wondering if this is the best thing to do.  When there is no doubt, you know that there is nothing to worry about; therefore a peaceful night’s sleep is guaranteed.


Charles I. Prosper

Transformational Life Coach

Quote for Today’s Post:

“Being successful doing the wrong thing is no more than failure in disguise.” — Charles I. Prosper 

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Personal Development and Self Growth – The 3 Biggest Mistakes in Discovering Your Life Purpose — And What to Do Instead


Do you know the 3 biggest mistakes when embarking to discover your life purpose? In this post, you will discover what those 3 fatal mistakes are — and what to do instead.

The 3 Biggest Mistakes When Discovering Your Life Purpose

Biggest Mistake # 1 – You Make Your Choice Based on Money Alone

This is a very common mistake, especially with young people in college who are deciding upon a career choice.  This mistake is often the thrust of many “mature” people as well.  Just because there is someone who is prosperous and making a lot of money at any given career or enterprise is more a reflection of a job-person match rather than the inherent money-making potential of the job itself.

You can never become good enough at doing something you do not like or something that is not compatible with your talents.

Biggest Mistake # 2 – Attempting Too Many Things at Once

This is a big, big mistake that multi-talented people fall in to.  It is not that you can’t do many things. The question is can you focus equally on many different interest at once?  The answer is a resounding no.

A lot of people who struggle with finding success are what I call “hummingbirds.”  You know what a hummingbird does in a garden, don’t you?  They go quickly from flower to flower.  Tasting one, then tasting another.  This is not a picture of commitment to any one thing.  And commitment to one singular interest of life dedication is the key.  You must choose one.

Biggest Mistake # 3 – Choosing Intellectually Rather than from the “Heart”

A sure sign that you are choosing intellectually is that you are probably over-analyzing and over-thinking everything.  You feel stress and not peace.  If you choice is from the heart, you will feel no stress only a sense of joy and purpose.  This is a sure indication that you are on the right track.

The 3 Things of What to Do Instead

What to Do # 1 – Choose Based on the Joy You Feel When You Think About It

The litmus test of knowing that you have chosen the right path is the primary indicator of joy.  If you feel joy and excited just thinking about a particular career or business choice, you have chosen that which will make you happy and  prosperous.  Do what you love, and the money will follow.

What to Do # 2 – Choose the One Thing — And Leave Everything Else Alone

It took me many years to get this one, but your primary goal or mission of life is to choose the ONE thing that will define and characterized your life of who and what you are about.  Your mission is and always has been about finding and doing that ONE thing that you are passionate about.  Listen how Jack Palance expresses it in this now famous and poignant scene from the movie City Slickers:


What to Do # 3 – Choose What You Do Naturally and That Which Uses Your Talents

If you look at your life carefully and truthfully, you will see certain themes and joyful activities for you that have cropped up again and again and again.  Allow yourself to be drawn to what you do naturally, that which allows you to use your natural talents to touch and serve the greatest amount of people and you will have found your place and your life purpose.


Charles I. Prosper

Transformational Life Coach

Quote for Today’s Post:

“If you chase two rabbits, you will not catch either one.” — Russian Proverb

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