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Personal Growth – Detachment is the Secret of the Law of Attraction


Detachment is the secret of the law of attraction.  In this article, I will explain what detachment is and how it is the number one key to making all of your joyful dreams come true.

Ask.  Believe.  Receive.

I was once listening to the spiritual advice of a “success thought leader,” and he said that the secret of success lies in understanding three principles.  He said that these three principles are: Ask.  Believe.  And Receive.

The Real Meaning of “Believing”

Today, during my morning meditation, I got an insight as to the real meaning of “Believe,” and how the right kind of belief creates the magic and miracles that we all seek.  First of all, as I understood and saw in my meditation, we are not talking about egocentric belief, that is, “I believe that I can do this,” or “I believe that I will achieve this or that.”

Trust is the Magic Ingredient of Believing

The type of belief that creates miracles can be translated as “Trust,” but not trust in one’s own limited powers and abilities on a human level, but Trust in Higher Power and Higher Power’s Divine Love to give us what we need when we need it.

Detachment and the Law of Attraction

It was at this point that I understood how and why Detachment creates the impetus for the Law of Attraction.  You cannot detach or stop worrying about the outcome of any desire unless you trust that all will happen for the best at the right time and in the right way according to the will and way of Universal Divine Love.

My Personal “Success Story” with Detachment

I have noticed on a personal level (and I am sure that you can also if you think about it), that every time I have truly “stopped worrying” about an outcome after I have done all I could, the outcome happened almost immediately.

I remember after I obtained my master’s in Psychology, I applied for a Level II Children’s Social Worker’s position.   There were delays of weeks at a time and a long waiting list in order to be processed.  I then remembered what my sage daughter, Luzemily, told me once when she was only 13 years-old, “Dad, if you can learn to live without it, you can definitely have it.”

So, following her advice, I just dropped the concern over being employed as a children’s social worker from my mind.  In fact, instead of worrying and waiting, I decided to seek out other employment in the meantime.

Detachment Opened the Door for Me to Receive

I found an opening to teach Psychology as a permanent tenured position at one of the local community colleges here in Southern California.  I applied for the teacher’s job, thus completely detaching from my concern of being hired as a social worker.

Within 24 hours after having detached and applied for the teacher’s position, I received an email from the County of Los Angeles saying that I was hired immediately and was given a start date of 2 weeks following that email notice.  Coincidence?  Yes, of course.  But what is coincidence after all other than the divine language of God?

Why There Can Be Miracles when You Believe

Belief means miracles, but it is a only that type of belief which implies trust in God.  (Trust and faith are synonymous.)  Trusting implies non-worry.  Non-worry equals detachment.  Thus detachment is the secret to the Law of Attraction – because when you detach, you let go and let God.

All the best,

Charles Prosper, MA

Transformational Life Coach

Quote for Today’s Post:

“If you can learn to live without it, you can definitely have it.” — Luzemily Prosper (at 13-years-old)

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Personal Growth – The Law of Attraction is Only the Law of Opportunity in Disguise

The law of attraction – how does the law of attraction really work?  The answer to this question may surprise you.

I saw a beautiful young lady step out of a Nissan mini van to open up her, what looked like, income tax business.  She was awesome!  Gorgeous face! Curvy body.  Classy looks. The complete package.

As I passed her, she smiled and said, “Good morning.”  I replied with a smile and said “Good morning” to her as well.  I walked on by when — Wham!  It hit me.  I’d just experienced the law of attraction for which I chose not to act upon.

I could have easily stopped, started a conversation about her income tax business, then move seamlessly to introducing myself and asking for her business card.  I’m sure she would have given it to me.

Opportunity is Predicated on a Willingness to Act

It would have been a simple matter of calling her later, confessing my attraction, and asking her out to lunch.  The law of attraction is the law of opportunity.  Opportunity is only as good as your willingness to act on it when presented to you.

Opportunity Knocks More Than Once

Opportunity not only knocks more than once, it never stops knocking until it gets your attention, that is, until you act.  The reason that the opportunity is always knocking is because the law of attraction is always in operation.

Life moves with the currents of thought, individual and collective, and as thought moves and changes in a constant state of positive/negative polarity flux, so do also the circumstances or the opportunities that we begin to become aware of and act upon.

Opportunities Are “Seen”– Not Attracted

I think that it is a misnomer to think that situations or opportunities are “attracted” to us.  I think that it is rather more correct to say that we are “becoming more aware” of the sea of opportunities which surround us now at this very moment but which may not be seen through a lack of awareness, i.e., a negative self-concept.

You are not attracted to opportunities per se.  Opportunity is who you are. Opportunity is how you perceive the world and how you choose to act upon it.  This is the Law of Attraction in action.


Charles I. Prosper

Transformational Life Coach

Quote for Today’s Post:

“Two men were confined behind bars.  One saw mud.  The other saw stars.” — Anonymous

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Personal Development and the Law of Attraction – The 3 Myths and the 3 Realities That You Need to Know Now About the Law of Attraction

The law of attraction, I am sure that you have now become aware of this mental and physical law that can affect all areas of your life for better or for worse, depending on how it is understood and, of course, applied.  But do you really understand how this law operates?

There are 3 myths and 3 realities of the law of attraction, which if not understood, you will never see nor experience the abundance it inherent promises.  In this article, I will reveal to you, for your consideration, the 3 myths and the 3 realities of the law of attraction.

The 3 Myths of the Law of Attraction:

Myth # 1 – If You Picture or Think About Something Strong Enough You Will Experience It 

To picture strongly or think about something, will indeed set certain forces into motion whereby you will move in the direction of that which you desire, but this is only part of what will cause the experience.

Myth # 2 – The Law of Attraction is the Only “Law” that You Need to Experience what You Want 

There are at least 3 other laws of experience that must be understood in order for the law of attraction to work.

Myth # 3 – The Law of Attraction is Mastered through Practice and Meditation

There is no need to master this law, nor is meditation necessary.

The 3 Realities of the Law of Attraction:

Reality # 1 – The Law of Attraction is Really the Law of Opportunity 

The only thing that this law can do is to attract you to the right opportunity, that is, you will feel drawn to the right place at the right time.  The key to understanding this is that just because an opportunity is presented says nothing about whether you will act on it!

I may crash my shopping cart of the supermarket into the woman of my dreams who gently smiles at me and starts a conversation, but if I am not willing or have the courage to act upon this opportunity, the situation which was attracted is for naught.

I would even be willing to take this a step further and say that we are not really “attracted” to anything.  We are surrounded by and swimming in opportunities that are always there staring us in the face, but if our self-concept or self-belief has us with our eyes closed, turned around, and looking in the opposite direction, we see not what is already there.

Reality # 2 – There Are 3 Only Laws Which Must Be Followed

The 3 other laws which must be followed are: The Law of Goal Setting, The Law of Planning, and The Law of Willingness to Do Whatever It Takes. Without these 3 other laws, there is no guarantee that any action will be taken once the attracted opportunity is presented.

Reality # 3 – The Law of Attraction is Always Operative in Everyone

The law of attraction is predicated on your self-concept or what you believe about yourself. Everything that you have experienced, without having studied any “metaphysical” concept, has been due to how you act and the decisions that you have made that are motivated by what you think and by who you believe you are.

Meditation, which is positively directed, may enhance and accelerate your goal-directed targets, but in the absence of any positively planned or persistent effort, you will default back to whatever the available programming your environment and immediate circle of influence offers you.


Charles I. Prosper

Transformational Life Coach

Quote for Today’s Post:

“There is no such thing as good or bad luck–only how you think of yourself.” — Luzemily Prosper (spoken at 10-years-old.)

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