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Personal Growth and Personal Development – 5 Steps to Problem-Solving

Problem-solving is an art and a science.  Most of all, it is a an attitude and a practical philosophical approach for taking positive action.  In this post, I would like to expound upon 5 reflections that I think will have a great impact on your problem-solving abilities.

5 Key Reflections to Positive Problem-Solving

Reflection #1 – Calm Acceptance of What Is – Is the First Step

“Calm acceptance of what is – is the first step to solving any problem.” What this means is that if you are in denial, which is usually the result of sudden shock or frustration at not having an immediate answer, you are locked into inaction and worry.  Once you accept the problem, you have a problem that can be solved.

Reflection #2 – What’s the Difference Between a Problem and an Opportunity?

“What’s the difference between a problem, a challenge, and an opportunity? — Your choice of label?”  How you define a problem is the problem.  

If your wife cheats on you, the type of question that you ask yourself determines how you are labeling the problem.  

For example, if you ask, “Why has this happened to me?”  will tacitly provide you with a label of “horrible” or “unbearable,” while asking yourself the question, “What does this mean?” will give you enough emotional detachment to understand what’s going on and how to find a way out of it.

Reflection #3 – Excessive Thinking Before Doing Creates Illusions of Doing

“If you have an excessive habit of ‘thinking about’ doing something, you will create the illusion of having begun it.”  What I am talking about here is the paralysis of analysis.  Mental activity can be like the hamster running inside of the activity wheel. There is apparent motion without forward progression.  Over-analysis is an inactivity trap.  What’s the first four words of analysis?

Reflection #4 – What to Do When You Don’t Know what to Do

“When you don’t know what to do — do only what you can do, and see what happens.  Do more of what works and less of what doesn’t work until your problem is inevitably resolved.”  Do what you can, where you are, with what you have, and let life tell you what’s next.

Reflection #5 – Take Massive Positive Action Immediately

“Massive positive action is the second step to solving any problem.”  You might ask, “If massive positive action is the second step to solving any problem, then what is the first?” Easy.  The first step is making the decision to act.  And how you act is based on where you are  with what you have and what is the most obvious first thing to do.

Yours sincerely,

Charles I. Prosper, MA

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Personal Growth – How to Use an Amazing Technique to Easily Trigger Creative Solutions During Your Morning Shower

How would you like to learn and amazingly simple and effective technique for triggering creative solutions to problems during your morning shower? What I have to share with you in this article will simple amaze you.

A “Coincidence” I Noticed and Overlooked for Years

For years, I noticed a phenomenon which I am about to describe to you for years, but I never gave it any serious thought until today, when everything became crystal clear to me.

Today I paid real close attention to what I now call the “morning-shower creative-idea response.”

Let me explain to you how this works by explaining to you how I usually generate creative-idea solutions to so many of my problem-challenges.

What I will show you is so simple, easy, and effective for generating the creative ideas to answer almost any problem.  (I am surprised I had never realized this technique earlier.)

Last night, I was trying to think of a way to entice (invite) more subscribers to my online personal development list.

Programming a Dream Solution Before Going to Bed

Before I went to bed, for about 15 minutes, I programmed myself to dream of the solution.  I usually say something like, “Tonight when I dream, I will receive the perfect solution to this problem.”  I said and repeated this idea to myself several times, then I went to bed.

I placed my ball point pen and my small notebook under my pillow to quickly write down any dream solutions upon awakening.

The Trick to Programming a Dream Solution is to Remember the Dream after You Have It

The trick to getting dream solutions, should they come during the night or early in the morning, is to remember them before they fade away.

Sometimes you will recall the dream-solution, and sometimes you won’t. This doesn’t mean that you have “lost” the dream-idea solution.  This only means that your “inner-self” will present this solution to you at a different time and in a different way.

The key is to be ready to write down the idea in its entirety as soon as it comes to you when it is still fresh in your mind.

The Creative Idea “In the Shower Response”

I have noticed that the solution usually comes to me in a sort of “Ah-ha!” epiphany-like moment — while I am showering the morning after I have programmed the dream solution.

The key here is to grab a pad nearby, even if you must get out of the shower soaking-wet and write the inspiration down (in detail) as soon as you receive it.

You will find yourself, to your surprise, writing down detailed and intricate steps to completely solve the previously-believed “insurmountable” obstacle.

It Gets Even Better

Here’s the good news!  The more you practice this, the better you get at it and the easily and faster the solutions flow to you in the morning as you shower.

Try this.  It works!  You’ll be glad you did.

One Final Key

Take immediate action, that is, the same day, to follow through on the inspired idea.  A fresh inspired idea gets “spoiled” and weakens when it is “put away on the shelf” for later.  Take action on it now!


Charles I. Prosper

Transformational Life Coach

Quote for Today’s Post:

“Two men were confined behind bars.  One saw mud.  The other saw stars.” — Anonymous

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