Personal Development and Personal Growth – The 3 Secrets of How to Discover Exactly What to Do in Order to Fulfill Your Dreams


You have a dream in your heart, and you want to fulfill it. You want to know exactly what to do first in order to begin to make it happen.  In this article, you will discover that following and fulfilling your dream is the most simple and the least complicated process you could imagine.

3 Secrets to Discovering What to Do to Fulfill Your Dreams

Secret 1 – If You Feel that There is Something Simple that You Can Do Right Now – Then Do It!

You don’t need a plan, you only need an intention.  The plan, at some point, comes out of the intention. The intention is primary. The plan is secondary; it is discovered along the way.

If you know right now, no matter how simple it is, that you can and should do something now to begin moving yourself toward your goal, then do it – and see what happens!

The most important thing before doing the obvious initial first steps is that you become okay without having to know the outcome beforehand. This is called faith.  Your faith connects you with Source.  With faith and trust in Source, you can relax, and all good things will open up and become possible to you.

Step 2 – After You Do the First Obvious Thing (Simple or Complex) that You Need to Do – Detach and See What Happens

It is most important that you flow as you do.  What this means is that you do what you feel needs to be done – and see what happens. Depending on what happens, you will know what to do next.  In principle, it is no more complex that this.

You go through door one into a room where you discover, for the first time, the next door through which you must also go.

Then there will be several more rooms and several more doors through which Life will lead you, each door and each successive room will bring you closer and closer, until you reach that final door where you will find the room where the dream is waiting for you.

Secret 3 – Detach from the Need to See Immediate Results of Your Actions – Be Patient

You are in the process of sowing, the moment you follow the inner whispering and intuitions of your heart.  You reap the fruit of your sowing once you learn to become patient and watchful for whenever and however the results may come.

As you take each action in faith, as in the military, you are to carry out your instructions from your Inner Self on a “need-to-know” basis, that is, you will know what you need to know but only when you need to know it.

In the meantime, listen, do, have faith, detach, watch, and reap the rewards of your willingness.  Knowledge is a discovery of your willingness to venture into the unknown.

All the best,

Charles Prosper, MA

Transformational Life Coach

Quote for Today’s Post:

“When you’re not patient for something you want, you don’t really want it.” — Luzemily Prosper (at 14-years-old)

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