Personal Growth – Opportunity Knocks Many Times as Do the Seasons of the Year

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Do you believe that opportunity knocks only once?  In this article, you will discover that opportunity, any opportunity, even when you think it was only a one time event, will be repeated, in different ways, again and again in the future.

Opportunities never stop coming.  What does happen is that, through indifference or inattention, your perception of  opportunity tends to weaken as well as your courage to quickly act on them.

Opportunity Is a Type of Season that Repeats Itself

To take advantage of the lake, you must swim in summer.  To take advantage of the snow, you must ski in winter.  To walk in the rain, you must stroll in the showers of spring.  However, if you miss out on any of these opportunities, the seasons and their cycles will happen again and again, and it will then be your choice to take advantage of them or not.

“Opportunity” Can Be Defined By that Which You Are Ready to Recognize and Act Upon

Opportunities can be seen only by the willing.  If you are looking for opportunity, more of them will appear.  Opportunity is  only a matter of perception.  Every morning that you wake is an opportunity to start anew.  Opportunity is always knocking at different levels to meet you at the level of development of where you are.

Opportunity is How Life Interacts with You

Life or Universal Love, or however else you would attempt to label “The Divine Organizing Intelligence” can only interact with you through circumstances and coincidences. God answers prayer through opportunity.

Opportunity exists within other opportunities just as the drop of water hits the calm surface of the lake and ripples outward in concentric circles wider and wider until it disappears quietly into the shores.

Free Will Exists Only Because Opportunity Exists

Without free will, opportunity would have no purpose.  Opportunity necessitates the existence of free will, and free will necessitates the existence of opportunity; they are mutually inclusive and inseparable.

Opportunity Is No More than Your Power of Choice

Opportunity is your choice of up or down, right or left, in or out, good or bad, joy or sorrow, poverty or prosperity. Everyone has choice, therefore everyone must have opportunity. Even not-to-choose is still a choice.

Opportunity Knocks All of the Time

It is not true that opportunity knocks only once, but rather, opportunity knocks all of the time, and on many levels, and in infinitely expansive and creative ways, all around us, whether we choose to see them or not.

Charles Prosper, MA

Transformational Life Coach

Quote for Today’s Post:

“God will not pay your bills or buy you a new car, but what God will give you is opportunity.” — Luzemily Prosper (at 14-years-old)

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